Did you think Marina was done promoting ‘Froot’?


Marina is maintaining her steady stream of ‘Froot’ promotion with another performance of her latest single “Forget”.

Despite ‘Froot’ falling to #200 in the Billboard album charts last week, Marina is continuing with her solid US promotional campaign which has included festival stops and daytime television appearances. Stopping by Conan O’Brien’s late night slot yesterday (April 27), Marina showed off one of the strongest tracks from her current album with another predictably stellar performance.

Marina is quickly generating a reputation as one of the most reliable vocalists in the industry and realistically she sings her contemporaries under the table on most occasions that she takes the stage. It’s interesting that she’s continuing with the fairly minimalist theme of ‘Froot’ and choosing not to go for the big productions that she favored during the ‘Electra Heart’ era, but all things considered simpler performances probably suit her better.

The Welsh-Greek singer stunned in a crop top and pant suit which showed off her usually hidden but hella impressive abs.

One thing that strikes us as a little strange about Diamandis’ current campaign is that she’s yet to do any meaningful promotion back in the motherland which could account for ‘Froot’s’ lukewarm commercial reception in the UK. Whilst it’s admirable that she’s hitting the US circuit as hard as she is, it’s doubtful that ‘Froot’ will sell a huge amount more than it already has stateside. Her efforts may actually be better spent expanding her reach back into Europe where she’s historically enjoyed a great deal more success than in America.

What did you think of Marina’s performance of “Forget”?