Marina and the Diamonds’ cute song “Disconnect” with Clean Bandit will officially debut later in the year.

Marina and the Diamonds joined Clean Bandit on stage at Coachella on Saturday to perform their song “Disconnect” for the first time.

In the collaboration, Marina “needs to take a breath, needs to disconnect” from an ex-lover she longs for. Funky disco beats back the Welsh singer’s signature vocals, but it’s her extended oohs and aahs that remind us why she’s an emerging pop star.

Marina tells Billboard she loves her Clean Bandit collabo:

“We performed a song we’d written together. It’s called ‘Disconnect. I love it! It’s my first big feature actually, I’ve never gone on stage with another band, but it seemed to go down really well so I’m excited for people to hear the real thing later in the year.”

She also says she’s writing a new package for “Froot,” seeing as she’s “never done that before.” Check out her new interview below and her on-stage performance with Clean Bandit above.

Via Ultimate Music

What do you think of “Disconnect?”