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Marina’s been premiering track after track from upcoming LP ‘Froot’ on YouTube, so we’ve gathered all the froot into one basket (read: post) for you.

I know, we’re too kind.

Check out “Blue”, “Gold” and “Can’t Pin Me Down” below:

All three songs are strong tracks, and all very different – ‘Froot’ is shaping up to be impressively sonically diverse record. “Blue” is one of the catchiest offerings from the Welsh/Greek star’s third record, “Gold” showcases Marina at her most introspective and “Can’t Pin Me Down” is an independence anthem with a twist and musically a fresh direction for the “Obsessions” singer.

Marina’s approach to promotion this time around is refreshing. Focusing on the music rather than endless personal appearances and magazine interviews is getting people pumped for ‘Froot’ rather than any hoopla that might go along with it. And damn good music it is too.

‘Froot’ drops on March 16 and you can pre-order the LP on iTunes now.

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Are you excited for ‘Froot’?