Marina And The Diamonds' "Froot" Leaked

Another one bites the dust, err, froot?

Marina and the Diamonds fans got an unexpected fruit basket of songs today when the “I Am Ruin” singer’s full length album leaked two months ahead of its scheduled April 6 release.

What is happeningggg?

She Tweeted fans about the leak, saying:

There will always be cheap people around. As long as you’re not hanging out with them, who cares? We’re on this FROOT journey together, and regardless of today’s events, nothing’s going to stop it. I am going my own way.

1 thing I’d like to ask you for: If you choose to listen and you really like it, please support me by pre-ordering the album.

Marina’s alerting millions of people to the leak by recognizing it happening, however she’s not the first. Madonna and Bjork’s premature leaks forced both to defend their art before they oiled the machine. It’s either pretend it didn’t happen and hope your fans won’t hear about it (yeah right), or address it head on and tug our heart strings in the hopes we still purchase it in a couple months.

Trudge the Internet for a moment and you’ll find it (resist, try). Le sigh.

Froot [music video]
I’m A Ruin [music video]
Can’t Pin Me Down [Explicit]
Better Than That
Immortal [music video]

Marina concluded her deserved rant reminding fans of her artistic integrity along with a link to iTunes where fans can get their hands on the four previously-released singles.

Thoughts on Marina and the Diamonds’ “Froot” leaking?