The only thing that never dies is love, love, love.

It’s NYE, so I’m acutely aware that all you care about today is outfit choices, increased Uber fares and New Year’s resolutions (spoiler alert: they won’t last) but there’s new Marina and the Diamonds music, so stop trying to get on the guest-list for whatever club you’re planning on sobbing outside at 3am tomorrow morning, sit down and listen. Marina is releasing one song a month as part of the campaign for forthcoming album ‘Froot’ and January’s is here a day early. Check it out below:

4.57. The baby’s face. I can’t.

Let’s be real, y’all, it’s been a weird year for pop music. Between the absence of new material from pretty much all your faves, Madonna-gate 2014 and the inexplicable dominance of Iggy Azalea, it feels like 2015 couldn’t come quickly enough. One beacon of hope in a dismal, stormy year however has been Marina and the Diamond’s spectacularly understated comeback. The David Kosten produced, disco-inspired, funked-up synth pop first single “Froot”, where Maz begs us to fill her cup up and brags about her, well, froot was a strong start. Then follow-up piano ballad “Happy” was a wonderful mixture of typical Marina lyricism and a very untypical burst of optimism. All things considered, it should come as no surprise that whilst “Immortal” doesn’t match up to the first two pieces of froot so far, it does nothing to break Marina’s winning streak of objectively fantastic music so far this era.

The track clocks in at a reasonably long 5:24 and employs subtle guitar instrumentation paired with a solid-yet-meandering beat, which works well paired against Marina’s characteristically wandering melodies. As always with the “Obsessions”-star though, it’s the lyrics that really stand out – they’re clever, direct and at times quite unnerving: “I’m forever chasing after time / But everybody dies”. It’s nice to see as well that the more positive Marina we saw on “Happy” doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere; although the subject matter is obviously dark (the song’s about death, yo) there’s a more optimistic conclusion here – everybody dies, but love lives forever.

And how does the visual hold up in comparison? Frankly, very well. Okay first, let’s just be honest with each other – the clip looks much like most Marina and the Diamonds videos, that is to say, it would appear to have cost about £70 to make (that pantsuit tho…), the lighting is a little shoddy and I could have got better angles with my iPhone, but production issues aside, the overall aesthetic is flawless. Marina poses in an abandoned warehouse whilst a projector plays what appears to be home-footage (she hasn’t changed much, has she?) which adds a slightly different dimension to the love Marina says she’s searching for in the track. It’s a gorgeous visual which matches the classic feel of the song itself.

All in all, the first three cuts from “Froot” feel like a return to form for Marina, who’s 2012 effort Electra Heart was met with an decidedly mixed reaction – some loving it and some loathing it. It feels harder to have mixed feelings about the new tone of Marina’s work, it’s quite clearly just fantastic pop music. My only complaint is that we have to wait until April (!!) to hear the album in its entirety. Y’all know I hate ******* waiting, and yeah okay, good things might come to those who wait, but I ain’t in a patient phase.

I’ll be blasting “Immortal” on my way home tonight – will you?