Marina and the Diamonds Forget video

Marina keeps shaking the tree and the froot keeps falling.

Marina’s staying on her grind ahead of next month’s album release, treating her Diamonds to a new visual for March’s Froot of the Month, “Forget”. After premiering the excellent album cut on Monday, the “Primadonna” star has just dropped the accompanying video. Talk about a work ethic.

Watch the clip here:

The video is a typical Marina affair in that it doesn’t feature a whole lot of action or plot, but is drenched in the kind rich aesthetic that she does so well. The “Obsessions” crooner sports three retro-looks, including a flawless (and hopefully faux) fur coat, a crimped wig and a three piece band (which casual fans will undoubtedly mistake for ‘the Diamonds’.)

Directed by Markus Lundqvist, who’s worked with an impressive host of artists including Madonna, BeyoncĂ© and Jennifer Lopez, the visual falls in line with the general tone of the ‘Froot’ videos thus far. The almost photographic or editorial quality that the videos employ may not be what we’ve come to expect from pop visuals but it works for Marina. There’s something sort of refreshing about the simplicity of the MVs so far this era and it all matches the general feeling of ‘less is more’ that’s characterised ‘Froot’ since the beginning.

Incidentally, “Forget” itself is one of the strongest offerings yet from the singer-songwriter’s third album – see what we said about it here.

With only a month until ‘Froot’ drops, Marina’s on the homestretch but showing no signs of slowing down until the race is over.

What do you think of the video for “Forget”?