Marina gives us love and dreams in her new “FROOT” visual.

Marina And The Diamonds Can't Predict Heartbreak In "Blue" Video

Marina and the Diamonds provides a cheery visual for her sad song.

Following the short teaser she shared earlier this week, Marina and the Diamonds’ premiered her music video for “Blue” today (July 16), a glamorous clip showcasing the usually collected Welsh singer’s carefree side and mechanical choreography. In the Charlotte Rutherford-directed visual, Marina contemplates her unfortunate decision to end things with a former flame while enjoying the fruits a wild and colorful carnival has to offer. She’s seen standing at a treat stand and basking in the sun atop a classic car before transforming into a psychic to predict her own future. The video ends somewhat abruptly without a “to be continued…,” so we’ll assume the things Miss Diamandis regrettably said were forgiven.

Watch it here:

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