Not good.

Mariah Carey’s career takes a turn for the worse.

The industry celebrated when Mariah Carey’s former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, announced she and Mimi would no longer be working together day-to-day (they still have ties on long-term business projects, however). Bulochnikov is responsible for guiding Mariah down a really strange path over the last few years – the reality TV show, the New Year’s Eve debacle – sources have described working with her extremely difficult. Carey’s ex-husband Tommy Mottola even warned Carey she should hire a new team.

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It appears Carey finally made the move to separate from Stella, but if we are to believe a report form Page Six, Carey’s latest move is far worse. They claim her backup dancer-turned boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, is now managing her. As in, someone who has no experience is running the career of one of the most influential recording artists in the game. Trump teas.

The site had several anonymous sources spill the tea. “Bryan is behind the whole split between Mariah and Stella. Bryan believes that he should be the one running Mariah’s day-to-day life, and he’s been orchestrating Stella’s exit for a long time. No one enjoys working with Stella. There’s no secret that some people are happy she’s out of the picture,” they said, adding but “the boyfriend backup dancer definitely isn’t the right person to run her career. He’s definitely no Tommy Mottola.”

Another source had to go there. “This is a full-on Britney-and-Kevin Federline situation. Bryan is a backup dancer, and knows nothing about managing an iconic artist.”

Tanaka is apparently landing $12,000 a week for his new role. That must be nice.

“Mariah is in love with Bryan and is like a schoolgirl around him. He has totally manipulated the situation to take over her life and push out everyone else, and Mariah just can’t see it.”

Interestingly, Carey’s spokeswoman denied the claim that Tanaka is managing Mariah’s career, but declined to clarify who was. In other words, get ready for a series on Bravo, or something.

In other news, Mariah released a new Christmas tune this week. Let’s pretend none of this is actually happening and give the song a stream below:

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