Mariah Carey's New Video For With You Is Expectedly Glamorous

Mariah Carey unveils the black & white music video for “With You.”

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Following her recent viral hit with “GTFO,” Mimi has unveiled the official lead single / video from her forthcoming album. It’s titled “With You,” a whimsical, breathy ballad that finds the elusive chanteuse showing off her sensual side.

“It was all so overwhelming / She was like “I don’t know, don’t tell me,” Mariah sings over a somber piano melody and snap beat cooked up by DJ Mustard. “He had eyes that said “girl, I’ll save you / She had doubts, like they might not make it.”

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“With You” is a solid release, but it doesn’t feel like lead single material to me. The video is also just alright.

“GTFO” had a lot more life to it and stood a good chance at climbing the charts higher than I fear “With You” will. On the other hand, we all love us a good Mimi slow jam. Especially before “All I Want For Christmas Is You” bombards our lives soon.

Check it out below:

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