Check out the elusive chanteuse’s latest digital art.

Mariah Carey Unveils "Infinity" Cover Art

Mariah Carey revealed the single art for “Infinity.”

Just days before Carey arrives to Las Vegas for her highly-anticipated grand entrance outside Caesars Palace to celebrate her new residency, the digital manipulation, errr, artwork for her upcoming single titled “Infinity” hit the net.

Mimi encouraged fans to Shazam one of her songs to see it, and the result is above – another stunning, enhanced photo to match the controversial greatest hits cover.

The gist of the song is that “Infinity isn’t forever” and she wants the man who is the subject of the song out of her home and her life this minute,” says a Showbiz 411 reporter who’s heard the song. “It’s a very witty lyric written by Mariah with a team including writer-producer Eric Hudson, who has a long resume for age 28. (Also his parents wrote Madonna’s classic hit “Holiday.”)

“Infinity” is the kind of song, in fact, where audiences will be singing along in shows. Mariah is getting ready to film a video for it this weekend with Brett Ratner. From the lyrics, I’d say there will be a lot of glass smashing, maybe doors with guest mats where the subject of the song is told to leave Mariah’s heart. She can also be heard laughing on the track, which is a hoot and a half.

The song will appear in her new Vegas show, “Mariah, #1 To Infinity” where she will perform all 18 of her timeless and beloved #1 hits together in one concert starting on May 6.

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