Mariah’s turning her hand to acting again this holiday season.


More details have emerged about Glitter star Mariah Carey’s latest foray into acting.

As BreatheHeavy reported last month, Mariah Carey’s newest acting venture will be a holiday film, based on her 1994 smash hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

New details have been reported, including who’ll direct and write the film and the fact that Mariah will “play a major role”:

New Line has pre-emptively bought an untitled Mariah Carey Christmas pitch from RatPac Entertainment, writers David Diamond and David Weissman and producer Jon Shestack. The plan is for Carey to play a major role in the film. The project came about when Carey brought an idea to RatPac principal and her pal Brett Ratner for a movie about Christmas. The yuletide season is special for Carey, who wrote and performed “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” a 1994 tune that has sold more than 14 million copies globally to become the biggest holiday perennial in recent memory and the biggest international hit of Carey’s career.

Mariah’s previous movie projects have been met with mixed response – whilst her performances in films like Precious have been critically acclaimed, no one seems to be able to get over the unprecedented disaster that was Glitter, which theoretically almost destroyed Carey’s career.

In reality, Glitter is such an unparalleled failure less because of Mariah and more because it’s an appallingly written film and since Mimi has gone on to more than prove her worth in subsequent projects, it’s probably time that we all let that go. A Christmas movie is a smart move for the “Hero” crooner. We all know that Mariah absolutely adores the holiday season and since “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has gone on to become one of the biggest Christmas songs of all time, she’s as synonymous with the festive period as Santa Claus and egg nog.

Hopefully this won’t detract from her Vegas residency and upcoming Greatest Hits album and instead will put Mariah back in the public consciousness, drumming up ticket sales and moving copies of her next record.

Are you excited to see Mariah back on the big screen?