Listen To A Bit Of Mariah Carey’s New Song “With You”

October 2, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Mariah Carey’s new single is on the way!

UPDATE // October 2:

Mariah’s readying her next single, “With You,” the supposed lead single of her forthcoming album (not sure what that makes “GTFO” but alrighty).

Mariah released the single cover for the new tune, and it’s one of her best in a minute! Glamorous, mature and seductive. 

 Notice the subtle “With You” title on one of the signs near the bottom. 

We don’t know much about the track, but it reportedly features Ty Dolla $ign and is produced by DJ Mustard, so prepare for a banger. Out October 5th.

Check out the cover and single preview below:






The rumors were true! Mariah’s new single is titled “GTFO” and drops on Thursday (Sep. 13). 

See the announcement and stunning single cover below:




The singer has been hard at work on new tunes for some time now, and if we’re to believe the latest buzz, Mimi’s new single is titled “How Bout You (GTFO).” It’s rumored to drop this Friday. 

Mariah even hinted at the title on social media this week (minus the GTFO). I believe it. Mariah loves her cheeky titles.

Stay tuned…





Mariah Carey opens up about her new music!

Mariah Carey says her new tunes sound “current,” but won’t follow “anybody else’s trends.”

“I’ve been working on my new album for a while. This is a labor of love and I’m really excited,” Mariah told People.

“This is me at this moment in my life being able to express myself as a writer and a singer. I’m just really in a good place.”

“My fans just want to hear me express myself and speak from the heart and sing from the heart,” she continued. “Some of the record is lighthearted and fun, and some [songs] I really went deep in terms of the lyrical content. There’s a nice cross-section of things.”

I Am The Emancipated Elusive Chanteuse is coming.



Mariah Carey Ditched The VMAs To Work On Her New Album

Smart choice. Mariah decided to skip the VMAs and work on her forthcoming album. 

The pop star posted a photo of her in the recording studio, and she looks truly happy. Much happier than a flop red carpet teehee.



About last night… #pondestudio #newsong #workation

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MC has been hard at work on a record for quite some time now.

The pop icon has steadily snuck away into the recording studio in between touring, and it appears we’re close to an actual release.

According to a lamb, Mariah promises the new tunes will drop after she takes some much needed R&R. There’s chatter she’s aiming for a November release date.

See what’s good below:





While us Millennials were out drinking green beer and making poor decisions on St. Patrick’s Day, Mariah got to work.

The elusive chanteuse dropped by a recording studio to continue working on her fifteenth studio album.

“Pon de studio,” she wrote. “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

See the snap below:



Pon de studio ? Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ??❤ #happystpatricksday

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Mariah Carey is NOT messing around.

The singer shared another behind-the-scenes sneak peek of her inside the recording studio crafting new tunes.

She didn’t even bother to caption the new photo because, obviously, it speaks for itself.

This post is an update to a story we previously published back in January.  You can peep Mimi’s new pic then read the original story below:



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It’s a good day! Queen Mimi is cooking up new tunes for us. What else can we ask for? Besides justice for Glory

It’s a fresh start for the Elusive Chanteuse. Mariah signed with Roc Nation and refreshed her management team. So far so good! The singer redeemed herself with a soaring performance on New Year’s Eve and now is readying new music.

“Missed my 2nd home,” Mariah wrote on Instagram. “Feels good to be back #StudioTime.” She also included this slightly upsetting hashtag: #GettingStarted. I don’t know about you, but I’m reading that as just now getting started on new music. You can understand why that’s problematic.

I guess great things take time. Just hopefully not too long.



Missed my 2nd home. Feels good to be back ?? #StudioTime #GettingStarted

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