Mariah Carey Performs Hero At The Human Rights Campaign Gala

Her heart is in the right place.

Mariah put in a patchy but heartfelt performance of her famous inspirational hit “Hero” at the HRC gala in Los Angeles last night.

As is the case with recent performances, it would appear Mariah still has difficulties with some of the songs bigger notes, but still sounds perfectly awesome when she doesn’t push her voice too hard.

Check out the performance below.

The main thing is the crowd appeared to be loving it, check out 3:10 where audience and Mimi sing together in perfect unison – singers live for moments like that! It’s a testament to her talent that she’s still able to bring people together with her music.

“Mariah Carey inspires the world with her incredible voice and amazing talent both on and off the stage,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.

And what better platform to perform this song on?

Mariah posted a snippet of the performance to Instagram with the hashtag #LGBTRights.

#Hero @ HRC gala tonight #LGBTRights

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What did YOU think of Mimi’s performance?