Mariah Carey Might Steal JLo's Vegas Residencies

Jennifer Lopez continues negotiating her Las Vegas residency contract because homegirl wants more money.

JLo performed an entire show called “The Best Is Yet To Come” on New Year’s Eve for several thousand people – kind of like a test run – but now things are on hold because she’s not seeing enough zeros in her paycheck.

An insider at Caesars Entertainment, the company in talks to produce her show, tells the Las Vegas Sun her financial demands “make it an impossible business transaction.”

“There’s no way the numbers can work out for a residency with just 4,000 seats. She’s an arena act now, but hopefully one day she’ll see the advantages of staying put in one place for less money than touring.”

The Puerto Rican princess is handing her boa over to none other than Mariah Carey, who’s the rumored replacement. An announcement about that could be made in the next two weeks.

I am outraged! Vegas is big enough for both divas to perform. Perhaps this story is a negotiating tactic for Caesars to put the pressure on JLo to lower her monetary expectations going the ~everyone’s replaceable~ route.

Britney Spears reportedly makes $535K a show, so I can only imagine the demands JLo’s asking.

$700K? Serve *****.