You get a biopic, and you get a biopic!

You get a biopic, and you get a biopic!

It’s biopic season! Not that they’re a novelty, but it seems the ball started rolling after Lifetime announced their Britney Spears flick. Since then, one centered around Michael Jackson’s final months before his death is reportedly in the works, and now the elusive chanteuse wants in.

According to Carey’s manager, Stella Bulochnikov, the woman everyone wants away from Mimi, Mariah will have one as well.

“We have a secret project,” Bulochnikov told ET. “We do have a scripted drama that we are developing that has not been announced about Mariah’s life that’s going to be incredibly poignant.”

The idea is in its infancy stages, but added Carey is “one in seven billion.”

The million dollar question? Who could possibly play Mariah? “We haven’t gotten there,” she said.

ET also reports Carey “signed a deal with Hallmark to develop, executive produce, direct and co-star in three more original movies,” each of which will feature an original tune from the hit-maker.

“We’ll hopefully do, you know, holiday movies with them, and the first of which we were supposed to do this February, but of course we have this tour, so we had to push it. But we’ll get a good movie out to the public,” Bulochnikov said.

It’s worth noting both the Britney and MJ biopics are unauthorized, meaning the pop princess nor Jackson’s estate gave their stamp of approval for the projects. Mariah on the other hand? She’s all in.

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