Mariah Carey is changing things up before her Las Vegas residency.

Mariah Carey Fires Her Entire Team Before Rumored "Infinity" Single Release

It’s an interesting time to be Mariah Carey.

Weeks before she kicks off her residency in Las Vegas, Carey split with longtime publicist Cindi Berger and hired Chambers Group, who’s worked with Lil Wayne and Drake. She also signed with WikkedCast Management, her fifth set of management since 2013, reports Billboard.

The elusive chanteuse began the late shift in her career since January, leaving Universal Music for Epic Records. Carey Tweeted a photo of her with L.A. Reid yesterday, including #Infinity, the rumored title of her upcoming single that might drop April 27.

“I can be a perfectionist,” Carey says in the latest issue of Vegas Player magazine. “But nobody is perfect. I’m very focused on each and every aspect of my career and I guess I’ve just always been that way. That’s why I’m so excited about Las Vegas. I will be able to perform eighteen number one singles, which I’ve never done before. I can’t wait.”

She continues:

“Every day is a new adventure and I’m really thankful for the ability and strength to keep going. Life is a process of learning and I’m still learning.”

Is Mariah’s management switch-up before “Infinity” going to help or hurt the diva? Let us know in Exhale.