Mariah Carey Debuts Teaser For “Infinity” Video

May 18, 2015 By Aaron

Check out a snippet of the elusive chanteuse’s latest visual effort.


Following her show-stopping BBMA performance, Mariah has dropped a 38 second taste of the video for new single “Infinity”.

With a high profile award show performance and now an imminent music video, Miss Carey is leaving no promotional stone unturned for greatest hits effort “Infinity”. Check out the first peak at the Farah X directed visual.

All things considered, the video is perhaps not the most revolutionary attempt Carey’s ever made, which is sadly in keeping with the tone of the song itself. Featuring lipstick, a chaise lounge and plenty of diamonds and pearls daaahling, it’s vintage Mariah. Which is arguably both a good and a bad thing.

On the one hand, she certainly isn’t running the risk of alienating her long time fans with the entire “Infinity” campaign, especially after performing the song along with a snippet of debut single “Vision of Love” last night. On the other hand, Mariah is failing somewhat dramatically at getting the general public onside.

“Infinity” has already dropped out of the iTunes chart and failed to make any meaningful impact on the Hot 100, stalling at 82. Will the music video turn things around for Mimi? Not if she doesn’t up her game. It’s actually not all that easy to judge a video from less than a minute, but things don’t look promising.

You can’t deny that Mariah looks stunning in the clip though, so there’s that.

There’s no word yet as to when the video will premiere in its entirety, but presumably the lambs don’t have too long to wait.

What do you think of “Infinity”?