Mariah Carey’s first-week sales of new album Caution are in.

The predictions were accurate (see below). Mimi’s new record debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart with 50,633 in sales plus streaming, according to HDD

This might not seem stellar, but considering Mariah is 30 years into her career and maintains an influence that’ll keep her up the Billboard charts, this is quite impressive.

Do sales and numbers equate to success? The answer is no. What matters is if the tunes connect to an audience, and there’s no denying that Caution possesses that power.

I’d also like to point out Little Mix’s new album, LM5, sold only 16,000 in sales plus streaming, and they’re the biggest girl group in the world. Minus the Spice Girls, obviously. You know what I mean. It’s tough to sell albums in 2018 – even if the music is genuinely satisfying.


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Justice for Caution! Mariah just released her incredibly trim, cohesive new album full of bedroom bops. It deserves to have the GP stand behind it, but it’s just the Lambs throwing their support behind the elusive chanteuse.

According to early estimates from Hits Daily Double, Mariah’s fifteenth studio album is set to sell 47,000–52,000 in sales plus streaming (40,000-45,000 in pure sales).

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While I’ve got you, check out Mariah’s new performance of “The Distance” on The Tonight Show with Ty Dolla $ign.

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