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Check out a track that Britney will be covering for her new album supposedly. This was released for the Fantasy Tour, by a singer named Mynt. It is called “Still Not Sorry.” Check it out for yourself at the following links: (1)
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The new album to be out in 2007?
Us Weekly: Britney Spears has been recording in Maui and in Los Angeles in recent weeks. A source says the singer is “playing with different beats” and hopes to release an album in 2007. Will fans still flock to Spears after all the drama since her last album, 2003’s ‘In The Zone’? “Nobody cares what she’s doing personally,” music manager Alissa Razansky said. “Her audience wants to see her dance, have good songs and be ****.”


**** Britney photos purchased by online casino? Yes, that platinum ringleted blonde in the slinky red dress on Kevin Federline’s arm inside the VIP section early Sunday morning at Vision nightclub in Midtown was none other than Britney Spears. The couple appeared at the club to celebrate Federline’s birthday. Dressed in a strategically angled white Braves cap and trademark white tanktop undergarment and two-day scruff on his face, Federline, who apparently now makes a living as rentable nightclub guest, and Spears arrived at the packed club around 12:45. On the red carpet outside the club, a unusual mix of legit press and tabloid shutterbugs, freshly imported for the evening, snapped away. The couple was quickly hustled inside to a velvet-roped-off table and black couches, where a very large stern man in a suit loomed. At the table, decanters filed with premium Belvedere vodka and Patron tequila, an ice bucket, plastic cups and a black plastic ashtray awaited the celeb mag cover couple of the moment.

Disputing the current US Weekly “BRITNEY MOVES OUT!” screaming headline, the couple danced and gyrated together as Q100’s Jeff Dauler instructed the thousands of people on the dance floor to “Make some noise for K-Fed!” The DJ complied with an odd rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” which he attempted to scratch over with rhythmically uneven results. Grabbing the microphone, the cigarette-adorned Federline told the crowd: “We want to stay all [expletive] night long!” The large diamonds in both of his ears threatened to blind the crowd when the club’s lights hit them. Sighted or not, K-Fed’s dedication to his new work place elicited a huge cheer from club-goers.

A few feet away, pop star Usher danced with friends in the VIP section with a glass of champagne. Earlier, the Alpharetta resident shared his digits with Federline, who promptly inserted them into his cell phone.

In homage to the club’s celeb attendees, the DJ played Spears’ “Toxic” and Usher’s “Yeah!” Perhaps the most uncomfortable moment of the early morning arrived when the DJ mixed in a few bars from Spears-ex Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body.” Scantily clad female admirers who hovered a little too close to the couple’s velvet rope, hoping to catch Federline’s eye, were greeted with a sudden Halogen-penlight flash to the retinas by security who asked them to please step back. Rapper Nelly, sans his always attractive facial Band-Aid accessory, was also spotted in the crowd. A little over an hour after their arrival, Spears, Federline and all the paparazzi hoopla ducked out of Vision.


**** Britney photos purchased by online casino? Here we go again, another Britney Spears **** photo scandal may be on the horizon. According to one published report an online casino has dished out $40,000 for **** pictures of Britney Spears. And purportedly they are Britney **** as a teen, and may have even been taken by then boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Brit’s reaction according to Richard Moriarty – she’s furious. The Enquirer is reporting that a friend of Britney says the star ‘is flipping out.’ She’s even more furious because ‘the whole thing is a put up job – the photos are Britney’s head put on someone else’s body,’ the friend tells the magazine. In other words – Camp Britney is saying Brit’s head is photoshopped on a **** body.

But the web site reportedly claims they are Brit as a teen completely ****. The report then points out that Brit and JT were distraught after thieves broke into their Florida vacation home and made off with some stolen home videos back in 2001. It’s not clear in the article if they are saying that’s where these photos came from and they don’t name the web site. Timberlake’s rep was presented with the web site’s claim and replied, ‘It is complete bull.’ It should get interesting as after dishing out forty-grand the casino will likely make the pictures available to the public somehow.


Britney Gave Kevin A Vegas Treat
According to Danilo, the producer of Britney’s official UK calendars, a calendar has been confirmed for 2007. No word yet about the photos to be used but I’m pretty much sure there’ll be a new photoshoot, with the new album on the way and everything.


Britney Gave Kevin A Vegas Treat
According to a published report, Britney Spears treated her hubby Kevin Federline to a special performance by Cher, or at least that’s what she wanted him to think. The couple had been living it up in Sin City for Federline’s 28th birthday and Britters decided it would be fun to make her gangsta hubby think she had booked pop superstar Cher to perform for him.

Partying after hours at the uber-hip venue Tao, Britney, wearing a white fedora and a **** black lace print shirt and jeans, arranged the Cher impersonator… A pal reportedly stepped up to the club’s mic, wished K-Fed a happy birthday and introduced ‘Cher.’

The dumbfounded Federline chuckled as the larger-than-life female impersonator stepped out on stage and sang along to Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time. A witness says, “It was a special birthday indeed. Everyone found Britney’s surprise really hilarious. Kevin and Britney and their friends were in fits. “Kevin finished the night off by dancing to his wife’s I’m A Slave 4 U and then hitting the DJ booth to play songs from his new album.”


Official Will & Grace plot summary Buy, Buy Baby
8pm 2006-03-30 – All new!

JackTalk gets a new look – Britney Spears and Wanda Sykes guest star – After a large corporation takes over OutTV, Jack’s (Sean Hayes) talk show “JackTalk” is completely revamped. An immediate change comes when the new conservative owners hire Amber-Louise (guest star Britney Spears) as “JackTalk’s” new co-host. While Jack is deciding whether or not he’ll stand up to his new bosses, Karen (Megan Mullally) goes baby shopping. After seeing Grace (Debra Messing) so happy about her pregnancy, Karen decides she wants a baby of her own and offers to pay a make-up lady, Cricket (guest star Wanda Sykes), to carry one for her. Eric McCormack also stars.


Britney Puts Pregnancy Rumors On The Rocks
Britney Spears’ affection for champagne, martinis and amaretto sours during a Las Vegas outing this week is putting those pregnancy rumors on the rocks. Recent photos of a curvier Spears have been raising speculation that baby No. 2 might be on the way, but Spears wasn’t behaving like a mommy-to-be Tuesday while celebrating her husband’s 28th birthday. Spies said she had at least one cosmopolitan martini during dinner at Tao (The Venetian) before partying on amaretto sours and Dom Perignon champagne until 3 a.m. at Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace. Most mothers-to-be don’t drink alcohol during pregnancy. The 24-year-old Spears, who put her pop career on hold to start a family, danced on a VIP bed at Pure and nuzzled with hubby Kevin Federline throughout the night. In addition to his birthday celebration, Federline was reported to be in town for a nightclub appearance as a warm-up for the release of his first studio album, “Off The Record.” It is set to be released April 25.


Britney hosts Kevin’s birthday bash In just eight weeks, Britney Spears has made more trips to her stylist than most women make in a year. Check out her most recent looks, and tell us which one you love the most. Take
People’s poll
now and make a choice!


Britney hosts Kevin’s birthday bash Britney Spears threw husband Kevin Federline a birthday party on Tuesday in his favorite city: Las Vegas, PEOPLE reports in its upcoming issue.

The singer and Federline, who turned 28 on March 21, arrived just after 8:30 p.m. at the restaurant Tao Las Vegas at the Venetian, where they slipped in through the back door and joined their 10 guests in a private dining room.

Spears (in a black halter dress with a lethally low-cut back) drank a Cosmo, while K-Fed (in a wife-beater and a New York Yankees cap) went for a Jack and Coke, shots and beer. The group dined on sushi, chicken satay, lobster tempura and grilled Kobe beef, followed by cake (served by two little people in tight dresses).

By 10:30, Federline had finished opening his presents and the party headed to Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace, where Spears snuggled with the birthday boy on the club’s VIP bed when she wasn’t dancing barefoot to tunes spun by DJ Hollywood (she requested Prince).

“They didn’t leave each other’s side all night,” a clubgoer tells PEOPLE. “They danced together – Britney was doing all her famous dance moves. Toward the end of the night, they were all over each other – kissing and hugging, having a great time.” The couple finally called it a night at around 2 a.m.


Monument to Pro-Life: The birth of Sean Preston A **** Britney Spears on a bearskin rug while giving birth to her firstborn marks a ‘first’ for Pro-Life.

Pop-star Britney Spears is the “ideal” model for Pro-Life and the subject of a dedication at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg gallery district, in what is proclaimed the first Pro-Life monument to birth, in April.

Dedication of the life-sized statue celebrates the recent birth of Spears’ baby boy, Sean, and applauds her decision of placing family before career. “A superstar at Britney’s young age having a child is rare in today’s celebrity culture. This dedication honors Britney for the rarity of her choice and bravery of her decision,” said gallery co-director, Lincoln Capla…

To read the complete article and to also see pics of the statue, click here. I don’t know if Pro-Life got any permission from Britney or anythipng… Only, that all seems weird, and this, including the statue.


Britney Kills On Will And Grace
TV Guide: Apparently, Britney isn’t toxic for Will & Grace. The NBC comedy adds the pop-star mom to its long list of famous guest stars. Spears, favorite of both teen girls and gay men (what?), will appear on the March 30 episode as a “raging right-wing, Bush-spouting Republican,” according to producer Tracy Poust. (Spears isn’t the only celebrity cameo on the episode: The recently outed George Takei, aka Star Trek’s Sulu, plays himself.)

As Amber-Louise, Spears forcibly becomes the cohost of Jack’s (Sean Hayes) local gay cable show, Jack Talk, after it’s taken over by a corporate conglomerate. Although Amber-Louise, works to promote family values, producer Jon Kinnally reveals she “has a little secret of her own.” Fans will have to tune in to find out more, but Kinally promises Spears’ performance “killed.” “She came to the table read and nailed every joke,” Poust says. “Her Mickey Mouse Club training really paid off. She held for laughs. I don’t think Meryl Streep would have done that.” Better than an Oscar-winning actress? That’s high praise for Spears, who showed up for rehearsal in her daisy dukes. Although she was properly attired by the time hubby Kevin Federline and baby Sean Preston turned out for the taping. Typed by

-Mark Nollinger


Donald Trump comments on Britney and Kevin
PostChronicle: “What has happened to Britney? She’s put her very successful career on hold to get married and have a baby. Lots of women do that but there’s something that just doesn’t look right here. The husband? I don’t know. I’ve just never been a big fan. I hope he’s OK. He certainly seems to be spending lots of her money.”‘


New song from new album played on Fantasy Tour As something completely unique we can tell that we will play a brand new Britney song from her upcoming album and it will not be launched in the USA until November 2006. Be one of the first in the world to hear the track.

Still according to the official tour site, the whole thing is said to be filmed for a documentary.


Chaotic – Season 2?
Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Britney Spears has signed on for another season of her reality show ‘Chaotic’, which will feature very little of hubby Kevin Federline. Though it isn’t because the pair are headed for divorce, rather K-Fed has his own show which chronicles his bid to become a rap star. Credit: laffy_taffy820.


Spears/Us Weekly lawsuit update The judge in the case pitting Britney Spears against Us Weekly said Thursday that she needs more time before ruling on a motion by the magazine to dismiss a $20 million libel suit filed by the singer, according to The Associated Press. Spears filed the suit in December, alleging the magazine printed a false report that had her and husband Kevin Federline acting “goofy” in the presence of their lawyers while screening an alleged *** tape that they were worried would be released. Spears has claimed both the story and the existence of the tape are false. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for May 3.


Ne-Yo asked to write for Britney’s new album
Ne-Yo, who recently scored a #1 album, and is currently riding high in the UK with his track, “So Sick,” revealed to Channel 4 yesterday that he has been asked to write for Britney. He was asked if he believed the rumours that she was pregnant, and said, “I hope not! I only just got asked to write some songs for her new stuff!”


Kelly Clarkson Wears Britney’s Perfume; Fantasy
In her online journal, where fans get to ask her questions, Kelly talked about what scents she wears.

Lisa: Everyone always says that you smell good when they meet you. So, what is your favorite perfume?

Kelly Clarkson: Um…I like this perfume called ‘Sugar’ and I like ‘Fantasy’ and I’ll wear any perfume that smells like vanilla, I love vanilla.


Kelly Clarkson Wears Britney’s Perfume; Fantasy
In her online journal, where fans get to ask her questions, Kelly talked about what scents she wears.

Lisa: Everyone always says that you smell good when they meet you. So, what is your favorite perfume?

Kelly Clarkson: Um…I like this perfume called ‘Sugar’ and I like ‘Fantasy’ and I’ll wear any perfume that smells like vanilla, I love vanilla.


Britney’s lawsuit against Us Weekly delayed Singer Britney Spears’ libel case against a US magazine has been delayed after a judge ruled that more evidence is needed before it can be dismissed.

Spears’ lawyers have time to prepare an argument against Us Weekly, who asked the court to drop the case.

The pop star sued the publication in December over claims that she and husband Kevin Federline made a *** tape and feared it would be made public.

The couple said the story was “bogus” in the $20m (£11.4m) legal action.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for 3 May.

A spokeswoman for the magazine said in December: “Us Weekly has a credible source, and we stand by our reporting.”

According to the details of the case, an October edition of the magazine reported that the couple had told their lawyers that “a member of their entourage had threatened to release raunchy footage of the two.” Us Weekly also reported that the couple gave a copy of the tape to lawyers on 30 September 2005 and were “acting goofy” while watching it with them.

“There was no laughter, disgust or goofy behaviour while watching the video in the company of lawyers because they did not watch any video, and because there is no such video,” the action said.

The article appeared about a month after Ms Spears, 24, gave birth to her first child, Preston.

According to the legal action, Ms Spears went to court after Us Weekly refused her request for a retraction, and “is instead maliciously standing by the bogus story.” The singer and Us Weekly clashed earlier last year, after it published photographs of Ms Spears on honeymoon with Federline in Fiji in 2004.

The 24-year-old pop star issued a statement in February criticising the magazine.

“Coming from a celebrity who sold pictures of both her wedding and her stepdaughter, it’s unlikely the issue here is privacy,” responded Us Weekly.

“Britney should start her own magazine if she’d like to dictate her own coverage.”


Why she’t not pregnant, according to Us Weekly
Us Weekly is going out on a bit of a limb in their current issue, pretty much stating that they think Britney Spears is NOT pregnant, citing a number of sources and reasons (including alcoholic consumption).

Us also claims that Hawaii has been anything but paradise for Spears and K-Fed. The couple have been arguing non-stop, claims the pub.

“He must be in the doughouse,” says a source of The Federjerk, who has been partying without Britney, leaving her behind at the hotel on at least THREE evenings to go party with his friends.

“They fight a lot,” claims Us Weekly. “You could hear them screaming at each other [inside their hotel room at the Four Seasons Maui],” a source tells the mag.

Additionally, it seems like Kevin has yet to get rid of his bad boy vices, which annoy Brit. According to Us, friends of the Federjerk were “kicked out of the Four Seasons for smoking,” if you know what they mean!

So what’s the deal with the (recent) bulging belly?

“A scar from her C-section became infected,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It caused fat on her belly to protrude. She feels terrible about her looks.”


Additionaly, Us claims that on March 1st Britney sipped two pineapple-and-rum drinks at Tommy Bahama’s Tropical cafe.


Britney rushed to the hospital in Hawaii
Britney Spears had to be rushed to hospital after treading on a hypodermic needle. The pop babe – who is on holiday in Hawaii – had stepped out of her car without shoes on when she trod on the needle in a parking lot. The panic-stricken star was taken to Hawaii State Hospital, but tests showed the needle was unused.

A source is quoted in Britain’s Daily Star newspaper as saying: “Britney is going to be fine. She’s got a nasty cut but it’s been disinfected and dressed and she’s been released from hospital. “It was more the shock of seeing the needle poking out of her foot – as you can imagine. All sorts of things race through your mind in that situation. The conclusion we would all jump to is that it was discarded by a drug user. “Britney was distraught but brave.”


Blender Magazine Talks About Britney & Kevin
Blender: Britney’s hyper-virile hubby Kevin Federline talks to Blender about his “FIRE” debut. “This is fire!” Kevin Federline yells as he plays one of his new songs, “Down South,” for Blender at Malibue studio the Document Room. “This is just pit roast!” The Ferrari-driving aspiring rapper is readying his as-yet untitled debut for an April 25 release date, and he is liking what he hears.

Wearing the ensemble that has become his signature look-wifebeater, jeans, ponytail, bling-Federline, 28, possesses the brazen confidence of a multiplatinum hip-hop star, if not quite the skills. “I’ve been quiet for two years,” he says. “Now it’s my time to say, ‘Hey, I’m here, like it or not.'”

The Dirty South-inflected track is a contender for second single – following the internet-released baile funkadelic “PopoZao” – and it was produced by a 20-year-old Orange County newcomer who calls himself Notes. “He’s the ace of spades that I have in my back pocket right now,” Federline says. “Everybody tries to sign him, but that ain’t how we do it, so we’re gonna get his *** out there. He’s like the next Timbaland.”

“Stories Untold,” produced by Disco D, touches upon Federline’s pretabloid-staple life. Before attaining background-dancing glory, he grew up in Fresno, California, “a small town with big influences” – namely, omnipresent crank and heroin. “Oh, I got caught up in it,” he says, shaking his head and taking a drag of a cigarette. “A lot of just crazy, crazy **** went down, so I had to get myself out of that situation. Dancing brought me out of it.”

Now settled in his new life, the responsibility-laden father of three had dedicated time and energy to this craft-and something was bound to suffer. “I have no golf game anymore,” he sighs. Monday through Friday, I get up at 7:30 A.M, train at the gym for two hours, then I go to the studio,” he say. “I have weekends off to see my kids and to spend with my old lady.”

The old lady, meanwhile, has been very suportive, but aside from building a studio in their home and pitching in on a couple of songs “about love,” Britney Spears has not been overly involved with making the album. “I’m gonna wait until I establish myself first. That way it won’t be like, ‘OK, he used her to get ahead,'” reasons Federline. “I want people to understand that I did this myself.”
Without the burden of a record deal, Federline and his producers are free to release whatever they want, whenever they want, via the internet. And if it doesn’t work out as planned? “I’ll be at your local **********,” Federline says flashing a smile, “but I’ll be the one dancing!”


Britney working with T-Pain The Florida native – who’s going on a House of Blues tour with Jive labelmate Chris Brown – says another labelmate, Britney Spears, has had her people holla at him for some tracks for her next album. “I think they’re just calling a bunch of producers and saying, ‘Do something for Britney,'” he said. “I’m going to keep her sound poppy. I’m also supposed to do something for Nick Lachey. I think they want to take him closer towards R&B, somewhere along the lines of Justin Timberlake but a little different.”


Britney’s obsession for Brad Britney Spears tongue hasn’t got this much attention since she used it for that now infamous lesbian kiss with Madonna at the 2003 MTV Awards. This time, her tongue has found a new target – hunky American actor Brad Pitt. Does anyone know of Angelina Jolie is the jealous type?

The former pop tart has snaps of her licking a pic of a shirtless and bare-chested Brad Pitt with ‘the tongue.’ Miu asks, “Who knew that Britney Spears was such a big Brad Pitt fan? We are a little concerned in the way Britney is showing her affection for the engaged star.”


Liz Smith On Britney
New York Post: WASN’T it only yesterday that Britney Spears was everybody’s adorable fledgling music goddess? Didn’t Madonna herself anoint her as successor (that fabled MTV kiss)? Yes! But in the twinkling of an eye, it seems Spears’ image has taken a drubbing from which many insist she’ll never recover. Miss Spears’ two marriages – one hasty, one ongoing but a veritable train wreck of low-rent gossip – her sometimes careless habits, and her refusal to starve herself back to her “pre-pregnancy body” have combined to leave Spears hung out to dry. She is a helpless pincushion for the weeklies.

Still, maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem. Spears is rumored ready to pursue Quincy Jones to help revamp her musical sound into something funkier, more mature. And she was recently spotted shopping at Prada and Gucci. She loves her flip-flops and cutoffs, but…

Now all the mags say she is possibly pregnant again, which would rule out career rejuvenation and fashion makeovers for a while. And you know what – maybe flip-flops and cutoffs and a normal-sized body, more babies, and even Kevin Federline are exactly what this sweet Southern girl, who began working as a child, wants. Well said.


Fantasy Tour 2006

STOCKHOLM – 17/3 – Kungsträdgården – 15.00-19.00
STOCKHOLM – 18/3 – Kungsträdgården – 10.00-14.00
LINKÖPING – 20/3 – Storetorget – 15.00-19.00
KARLSTAD – 21/3 – Storetorget – 15.00-19.00
GÖTEBORG – 22/3 – Kungstorget – 15.00-19.00
GÖTEBORG – 23/3 – Kungstorget – 15.00-19.00
JÖNKÖPING – 24/3 – Hoppets Torg – 15.00-19.00
VÄXJÖ – 25/3 – Stortorget – 10.00-14.00
HÄSSLEHOLM – 26/3 – Torget – 14.00-17.00
HELSINGBORG – 27/3 – Kungstorget – 15.00-19.00
MALMÖ – 28/3 – Storetorget – 15.00-19.00
MALMÖ – 29/3 – Storetorget – 15.00-19.00

KØBENHAVN – 30/3 – DGI-byen – 15.00-19.00
LYNGBY – 31/3 – Magasin P-plads – 15.00-19.00
HILLERØD – 1/4 – Markedspladsen – 10.00-14.00
NÆSTVED – 3/4 – Næstved Storcenter – 15.00-19.00
SLAGELSE – 4/4 – Nytorv – 15.00-19.00
ODENSE – 5/4 – Rosengårdscentret – 15.00-19.00
VEJLE – 6/4 – Kvickly P-plads – 15.00-19.00
ESBJERG – 7/4 – Torvet – 15.00-19.00
HOLSTEBRO – 8/4 – Enghave P-plads – 10.00-14.00
VIBORG – 10/4 – Hjultorvet – 15.00-19.00
ÅRHUS – 11/4 – Ved Ridehuset – 15.00-19.00
AALBORG – 12/4 – Aalborg Storcenter – 15.00-19.00
HJØRRING – 15/4 – Sct. Olai Pladsen – 10.00-14.00

KRISTIANSAND – 18/4 – Øvre Torg – 15.00-19.00
KRISTIANSAND – 19/4 – Øvre Torg – 15.00-19.00
STAVANGER – 20/4 – Hillevåg Torg – 15.00-19.00
STAVANGER – 21/4 – Hillevåg Torg – 15.00-19.00
BERGEN – 22/4 – Lagunen – 10.00-14.00
BERGEN – 23/4 – Festpladsen – 12.00-17.00
BERGEN – 24/4 – Festpladsen – 15.00-19.00
TRONDHEIM – 25/4 – KBS Kjøpesenter – 15.00-19.00
TRONDHEIM – 26/4 – KBS Kjøpesenter – 15.00-19.00
OSLO – 27/4 – Stortorget – 15.00-19.00
OSLO – 28/4 – Youngstorget – 15.00-19.00
OSLO – 29/4 – Youngstorget – 10.00-14.00

Thanks so much to my fellow Britney sites for the news, especially Kevin from! Happy 4th =)

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