I’m sorry, but this is annoying! OK. So. Today’s Kevin’s birthday, yeah exactly who cares. He’s in Vegas right now partying it up at Pure nightclub. Instead of letting the boys stay with Britney and her conservator and mother for a supervised overnight stay, they give the duty to the nanny and bodyguard. Supposedly Lynne went to Kevin’s today to visit the boys. I mean can you imagine Lynne arriving at Britney’s after visiting the boys, walking in to Brit’s house, setting her keys down on the counter, slipping off her flip flops, then nonchalantly telling Britney where she just came from? I don’t know about you but that would crush me… Whatever. Anyway, the boys are pictured here with the nanny and bodyguard leaving the gym. FUN time for the boys, right? March 21, 2008.

Source: x17video.com

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