The 23-year-old singer and actress – whose latest album, ‘Wild Hope’ is released in June – describes herself as “mediocre” and feels overshadowed by other music and Hollywood stars.
Mandy told Elle magazine: ‘I’m mediocre at both. I’m not trying to come across as self-deprecating. I’m just being honest.
‘I’m sure I was viewed as the young, untalented one.
‘Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera had some great pop music. And then there was Jessica Simpson. And then there was me. And that’s fine.’ Her new album is her first in four years and Mandy accepts many people will “hate it”.
She said: “I don’t want any expectations. I just want people to know that I still sing. Most people don’t realise that, or else they hate my music – rightfully so.’ The ‘A Walk to Remember’ star – who has battled depression – said she was “mortified” when she was told to lose weight for a part in a film.
Mandy revealed: ‘I’m a regular person. I’m not that thin. I’m okay with representing a different type that the normal Hollywood beauty ideal.
‘It’s hard to have someone come up and go, ‘You should lose a few pounds.’ And they don’t say it delicately. How can you?’

Source: PR-inside

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