How could she say no?


What you doing, Selena? Maluma is dying to collaborate with you. MALUMA. But he says you’re too busy.

The pop star is readying a new single for next week – possibly with Gucci Mane – but here’s to hoping she can get her act together and hit up the Colombian papi.

See what he has to say below:


How could she say no?

Once upon a time, Selena Gomez lead fans to believe she was hopping on a remix of Ricky Martin and Maluma’s collaboration, “Vente Pa’ Ca.” In January, The Revival singer posted a photo of her holding a mic with the song title. She also started following the Colombian rapper on IG and began “liking” his pictures. Nothing ever came of it, but the opportunity is there.

Speaking will Billboard, Maluma says: “It’s super cool that one of the greatest artists in the world knows who I am and followed me,” he said. “This is great news!”

Asked whether he would collaborate with her. “It would be amazing! A dream come true.”

Then, Maluma looks straight into the camera to flirt. ‘Selena, how are you? I would love to have a song with you,’ he says. ‘God bless you, you’re an example. I admire you. I feel a great admiration for you” then blows her a kiss.


Vente pa' ca

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