If Maluma gets his way, a track with Madonna could be in the works.


If Maluma gets his way, a track with Madonna could be in the works.


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Any time someone mentions the Colombian superstar’s name, my pants going flying. But that’s besides the point. Maluma and Madonna recently linked up at the VMAs, and now he wants a collaboration together. Gay anthem incoming!

I used Google Translate to help me with some of this, so excuse me for being a dumb dumb.

According to it, Maluma said the Rebel Heart singer “gave him his blessing and told him he was ready for the next level.” I love that Madonna is going around giving people her blessing. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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They also claim he called her “a queen.”

“That a person so great spiritually and artistically believes in me makes all my dreams rise and renew. It was one of the most special moments of my career.”

I would very much like for this collaboration to happen. Madonna, you’re up.


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