Britney’s venturing into the makeup world… professionally! She flew out to San Francisco last week to meet with Beautylish, a start-up makeup company.

“She really loves playing around with cosmetics and she heard about this social beauty site and fell in love with it,” a source close to Britney tells People. She “wanted to learn more about the company,” the source continues. “So she had her managers set up a meeting and a tour.”

Beautylish, founded in 2010, is a site where users can share reviews of products, watch how-tos on makeup application and hairstyling and share advice on beauty-related topics. So why is Spears — who’s reportedly in talks to judge the upcoming season of The X Factor — meeting with the company? That remains to be seen.

“She’s totally intrigued and really likes what they do.”

Perhaps for X Factor???

Britney recently Tweeted

“Thanks for showing me Path Dave. I LOVE IT!!! Xoxo (with Dave at @path) —

“Yup! That was me. RT @Beautylish was that really just @BritneySpears hanging out at the Beautylish office?!”

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