See what happens when you don’t wear a helmet.


‘Lean On’ hitmakers releases next single’s Americana funeral video.

After the immmense success of Lean On and Powerful, Major Lazer have released a video for the slower, reflective opening track, Be Together, from their #1 album Peace Is The Mission.

The song features pop group Wild Belle, while the video documents the tragic story of two starcrossed, but doomed, lovers:

Safety first, kids.

Major Lazer made headlines recently when it was confirmed they’d be the first American act to play in Cuba after President Obama began restoring the frozen relationship between the two nations.

Diplo said of the landmark performance happening in March:

“Cuba has such a powerful cultural impact all over the world and for me, especially growing up in Florida, it became one of the biggest cultural centres for music to evolve from. I was lucky enough to visit Cuba a few years back with my friends Calle 13 and during my four days there my mind was blown by the people, depth of culture and their way of life.”