Major Event Happening On September 17 In Las Vegas

A special email went out to employees of Planet Hollywood, Caesars Entertainment and several other major Las Vegas strip hotels on Tuesday inviting them to “come play a part in the biggest announcement in Las Vegas Entertainment History,” can confirm.

The participants will meet at Planet Hollywood then shuttled to an undisclosed location for the major event.

“Expect this event to generate global media attention, so you don’t want to miss out!”

This event is NOT available to the public, but you’ll know what’s up come the 17th.

It’s also requesting everyone joining in to be between five and six feet tall, alluding that it’s going to be filmed for something.

Nowhere on the invite does it mention Britney nor hint at her likeness, but it’s not hard to know exactly who’s in question.

It’s Britney, *****!

Any wild guesses what Brit’s up to? ;)