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Britney Spears fell in – and then out of – love with a miltimillion-dollar home in Desert Mountain, a very exclusive area of Scottsdale,Ariz. A deal to buy the house was in the works, according to an insider, but Britney pulled the plug because her Kabbalah advisers told her it wasn’t the right time. Britney, like Madonna, turns to the mystical religion and its rabbis for guidance on important decisions in her life, so once they told her the timing wasn’t right for her to be making a large purchase, she cancelled the sale. The pop star’s pal says that Britney and her husband, Kevin Federline, are still planning to move to the posh desert community – once they get the OK from her spiritual advisers.


Article c/o In Touch Magazine
Shortly after sitting down to dinner with her parents, sister and cousin at Santa Monica’s Houston’s restaurant on August 17, Britney Spears ordered a glass of white wine.
Since the pop star is eight months pregnant, her indulgence caught the attention of onlookers. But Britney’s next request really raised eyebrows.
When the waiter took her empty glass, he was overheard asking if she’d like anything else. “I’ll have a strawberry daquiri,” replied Britney, only to be told the restaurant doesn’t serve blended drinks. The waiter, obviously noting her pregnant belly, suggested she might enjoy a virgin margarita. “No,” Britney, 23, replied. “I want the real thing.” The waiter served her the margarita. And after she finished it, she ordered – and finished – one more, says another onlooker. Her rep denies the story. While many doctors say it’s fine for moms-to-be to have an occasional glass of wine, most would advise against having more than one drink a day. So Britney’s behavior comes as a big surprise. After all, the pop star is so concerned about her health and pregnancy that she’s already hired round-the-clock nurses. Britney also quit smoking early in her pregnancy, stopped her grueling touring schedule and has clearly been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. So why did Britney drink so much while snacking on appetizers and pie? Stress over becoming a mother could be the reason. As In Touch has reported, the star is nervous about giving birth – especially since she was rushed to the hospital during her fourth month of pregnancy, terrified she might have a miscarriage. While she hasn’t had any complications since, she hasn’t forgotten. A pal says having an occasional drink “calms Britney’s nerves” and helps her to unwind. “She heard it’s not so bad to have a drink in the third trimester, so she is having the occasional one,” the pal says, adding that “she likes fruity drinks.” In March, three weeks before she publicly announced she was pregnant, she was seen drinking a beer at Le Merigot Hotel in Santa Monica. And on July 24, she drank Merlot diluted with cranberry juice at the Body English lounge inside the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe. Although baby safety is clearly on her mind, some doctors say it’s a risk to drink any alcohol. Dr.Foti Chronopoulos, an OB/GYN who has not treated Britney, says, “No amount of alcohol is safe in a pregnancy,” because there hasn’t been enough research done to determine where to draw the line. If the stress of pregnancy is getting to her, Britney can take heart: She only has a few weeks to go. And the joy of being a new mother will be intoxicating enough.

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