The latest issue of OK! Magazine asks: “Too Much Too Soon?” A fair question to ask considering just this year Britney was committed and placed under a conservatorship – and is now embarking on slew of performances and preparing for an upcoming tour.

“Her team insisted that no one talk to her, touch her or make eye contact with her,” says a Star Academy insider about her performance.

“She is still a little shy in her choreography and hiding behind those big smiles that stand in for an actual speech,” Caroline Moreau wrote in the daily newspaper Le Parisien.

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But even better, a new article about Britney’s ***** in the latest Life & Style! I literally went out and spent 4 dollars on this ****; reminds me of the good ol’ days.

Britney, dressed in a Roberto Cavalli dress, made a big scene at her birthday party at nightclub Tenjune earlier this month in New York City while promoting her album Circus.

“She made her ***** look great by packing them into that dress!” revealed an insider at the party. “Either she got implants or the bustier dress is giving her that voluptuous and overflowing look,” says Florida-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer.

Britney can barely take a #2 without people around her – I doubt she’d get away with full on surgery without it going unnoticed. Click below to view:

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