Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Set List Revealed

September 9, 2015 By Aaron

Plus check out the Material Girl’s costumes.

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Ahead of opening night, the set list for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour has hit the net.

With only hours to go until Madonna hits the stage in Montreal to perform opening night of the Rebel Heart Tour, eager fans have captured the set list after waiting outside the arena during her final dress rehearsal. You’ll be thrilled to learn that she doesn’t appear to have paid much attention to our last minute suggestions (rude) and whilst the show is heavy on early hits it appears to ignore the vast majority of her ’00s classics.

Check it out:

Act One: Joan of Arc / Samurai

1. “Iconic”
2. “***** I’m Madonna”
3. “Burning Up”
4. “Holy Water”
5. “Vogue”
6. “Devil Pray”

Act Two: Rockabilly / Tokyo

7. “Body Shop”
8. “True Blue”
9. “Ghosttown”
10. “HeartBreak City” / “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”
11. “Like A Virgin”

Act Three: Latin / Gypsy

12. “***” contains excerpts from “Justify My Love”
13. “Living For Love”
14. “La Isla Bonita”
15. “Deeper and Deeper”
16. “Music (Get Stupid)”
17. “La Vie En Rose”

Act Four: Party / Flapper

18. “Candy Shop”
19. “Who’s That Girl”
20. “Rebel Heart”
21. “Illuminati”
22. “Material Girl”
23. “Unapologetic *****”
24. “Holiday”

Although it’s impossible to tell until the first performance, “Body Shop,””***” / “Justify My Love” and “Candy Shop” are thought to be interludes rather than live numbers. Whilst sections like “Deeper and Deeper” back to back with “Music” look extremely promising, we’ll have to see how well the covers and less logical oldies come off in a live context.

In other Rebel Heart Tour news, WWD sat down with Arianne Phillips and got the exclusive on what Madonna will be wearing tonight, check out all her looks:

[gmedia id=48]

Whilst all of Madge’s get-ups appear pretty damn impressive, undoubtedly the most exciting news is that she plans to don another cape. That can only end well, I’m sure.

What do you think of Madonna’s set list and costumes?