Hard Candy 2.0, anyone?

Hard Candy 2.0, anyone?

Nine times out of ten when you promise to grab lunch with someone and catch up, you really have no plans to follow through. It’s just something nice to say to wrap things up and go about your merry way. That could explain Madonna’s longtime manager Guy Oseary’s message to Pharrell for his birthday yesterday (April 5) where he publicly asks the hit-maker to collaborate with the material girl. Or he’s dead *** serious and something iconic is about to happen.

“Happy Birthday @pharrell … need to get you back in the studio with the blonde in the photo..,” he writes. “have a great one. As you say: ‘??'”

Those are prayer hands(!!!). Or high fives. iPhone culture still hasn’t fully established that.

Happy Birthday @pharrell … need to get you back in the studio with the blonde in the photo.. have a great one. As you say: "??"

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To refresh your memory, Pharrell executive produced nearly every song off Madonna’s eleventh studio album, 2008’s Hard Candy. If he wasn’t behind a track, his industry buddy Justin Timberlake was, and it was one of her best records to date. Yeah, I said it.

This may not seem significant, but it’s a window into the direction Madonna’s Rebel Heart followup could go. Your move, Pharrell.

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