Madonna drops a handful of new remixes as the reign of “Living For Love” approaches.

The campaign for “Living For Love” seems to really be heating up. With the announcement that Madge will take the stage at the Grammys next month, and the persistent rumours that she’ll be performing at the BRITs two weeks later, it seems like she actually plans on promoting this record, which is nice. And part of that promotion is four new remixes of “Living For Love.”

With mixes from new kids THRILL and old favourite Offer Nissim, Madonna’s taking this track back to where it all started for the Pop Queen way back in the 80’s – girlfriend’s taking you to the club.

Check them all out below:

Joining the Djemba Djemba remix released last week, today new offerings from Mike Rizzo, Dirty Pop, THRILL and Offer Nissim dropped. And whilst they’re pretty good, the clear highlight of the bunch is Nissim’s Living For The Drama Remix.

Between the orchestral introduction with soaring strings and marching drums, and the breakdown after the first verse (that stuttering ‘Shot in my heart, living for love’ is sublime) this was quite clearly going to be an outstanding mix. But when that sparse, clinical beat kicks in at 1.49, it’s clear we’re listening to something pretty incredible. The track proceeds to clatter across a simple beat, building up and up into something that gives to whole song a completely new feel, adding some pretty sick piano riffs along the way. It’s an amazing mix and living proof that remixing is more than just upping the BPM and adding a dubstep breakdown.

The Israeli born Offer Nissim has a pretty much unparalleled ability to mix warmth and coldness in his production and he’s responsible for some of the best Madonna remixes we have. Check out his take on ‘Hard Candy”s “She’s Not Me” and one of M’s signiture hits, “Like A Prayer”. He was also commissioned to remix ‘MDNA”s “Girl Gone Wild” and “Turn Up The Radio”, his first official remixes for M. And if the quality of these mixes is anything to go by, “Living For Love” won’t be his last.

Take a listen to the rest of the remixes here. While none are as good as Nissim’s offering, the Dirty Pop Club Remix is definitely worth a look.

Hopefully these remixes will give “Living For Love” a boost on the dance scene – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is Madge’s most club ready track in years and if it gets some traction underground, it’s bound to be a huge hit.

Which is YOUR favourite “Living For Love” remix?