The first of the official remixes for second ‘Rebel Heart’ single, “Ghosttown”, has arrived.


The first of the official remixes for second ‘Rebel Heart’ single, “Ghosttown”, has arrived.

Despite the lukewarm commercial reception to Madonna’s 13th studio album, the Material Girl isn’t giving up on the promotional campaign for ‘Rebel Heart’ and is pressing on with the second cut from the record. Following an outstanding performance the iHeartRadio Awards on Sunday with the newest member of her band, Taylor Swift, it’d seem that Madge is getting ready to drop some club-ready remixes of her latest release.

Check out the first of (presumably) many below:

The debut “Ghosttown” mix comes courtesy of Don Diablo, who’s no stranger to a good EDM overhaul (check out his version of Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t”.) The remix follows a fairly standard practice of screwing the vocals and upping the beat but Diablo goes about it in such a way that if offers a new lease of life to “Ghosttown”. Although dance remixes of ballads rarely work, it was a good direction for M and Don to go in with this track as Madonna has almost always succeeded when she’s appeased the clubs.

It’s good timing for Madonna as well, who’s planning to release the post-apocalyptic clip for “Ghosttown” any day now and who managed to rack up a fair amount of buzz with her Taylor Swift-featuring performance last weekend. Whether this single can crack the charts in ways “Living for Love” couldn’t manage remains to be seen but it currently stands a far better chance. Whilst “Living for Love” was an immediately brilliant track, it lost its steam fairly quickly – “Ghosttown”, on the other hand, is clearly a fan favorite and seems to get better with every listen.

Keep your eyes peeled because the Don Diablo version will surely only be the beginning of “Ghosttown’s” remix treatment and we’ll probably end up with another ten mixes before the week’s through.

What do YOU think of Don Diablo’s take on “Ghosttown”?