Urbandonna isn’t done yet.

Madonna has confirmed that she will be featured on Kanye West’s new album “So Help Me God” and that some Instagram flirtation with Drake has blossomed into a collaboration between the unlikely two.

The Queen of Pop told Complex that her and Yeezus wrote a song for his album after working together on “Rebel Heart”, where he has a production credit on “Illuminati”.

If the song makes the cut then Kanye will be the second artist ever to have a Madonna feature – after Britney’s epic “Me Against The Music” – but Drake may quickly follow suit as she revealed that a collab with Drizzy “is in the pipeline.”

Drake’s surprise mixtape included a song called “Madonna” which lead to the artists posting a string of appreciative Instagram posts about each other and in Madge’s world that means they’re hitting the studio.

While no information is known about Drake’s new album, Kanye’s is expected to drop in the next few months – if not imminently – so we should be hearing our favourite #unapologeticbitch’s voice just as we get sick of playing her album (if that’s possible).

Speaking of #rebelheart, Madonna also said that Kanye was planning to re-produce “Rebel Heart” in its entirety, much like Rick Rubin did to “Yeezus,” before he realised he had other commitments.

“He ended up only working on four songs, and then we wrote another song together, which is going to be on his record.”

Thank God(ney) for that.

Are you excited to hear Madye’s collab?