Poor Madonna, she seems to be having a rough time lately. With the Alex Rodriguez controversy, and her exhausting workout and tour rehearsals, Madonna seems to be falling off the deep end – even threatening to ax Britney’s “Sticky & Sweet” cameo!

Last month, on set pictures of Britney filming her cameo were released, which apparently pissed off The Madge: “Madonna is so angry, she may cut it out of her tour completely,” a source tells Star.

And according to reports from Showbizspy.com, we may never see the final cut as Madonna is none too pleased with the footage shot. A source close to Madonna says, “Britney looks amazing in the video but Em [Madonna] watched it and told them to take it out because she hated it. It was a scene where Britney was pretending to rip her own hair out.”

If Madonna keeps up her all-work-no-play regime, she may not even have a tour for Britney to appear in! An insider tells The Mirror “On top of all the stress of this, she [Madonna] twisted her ankle over the weekend,” having to postpone her birthday bash. “Madonna now reckons it’ll go ahead during a three-day break in the tour towards the end of the month, not next weekend.” A source said, “Madonna is doing less than OK. She has been rehearsing for the tour and she is totally miserable. She’s down physically and mentally.”

Slow down Madonna, we all want to see Britney! And you, of course.

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