Madonna debuts a post-apocalyptic music video for her latest “Rebel Heart” single, “Ghosttown.”

Madonna Unveils "Ghosttown" Music Video

Madonna released the music video for “Ghosttown,” a post-apocalyptic mid-tempo about the collapse of mankind, but finding love through it all anyway.

There’s fire, there’s dirt, there’s darkness in the new Jonas Åkerlund-directed music video for the second single off “Rebel Heart.” The clip shows the queen of pop running from her “Ghosttown” video co-star Terrence Howard, who’s hunting the unapologetic *****. Right before he pulls the trigger Howard surrenders, and dances (naturally) with her instead.

“It was magical,” Madonna told Vogue of the “Ghosttown” music video. “It perfectly represented the vibe that we wanted to bring to the video.”

The video is a beautiful scene of grim imagery after the humanity punishes the world with nuclear bombs. It starts out with Madonna watching the revelation on TV next to a ragged teddy bear. Not long after, she finds herself wandering through a destroyed city mankind wreaked havoc on. Not to mention she looks stunning.

Madonna attempted to premiere the video on the live video broadcasting app Meerkat on Wednesday, but due to unforeseen circumstances (like much of “Rebel Heart” releases), it was delayed half an hour. You can watch it below because we’re two souls living in a Ghosttown:

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