The Queen of S.E.X shares her tips once again.


What you know about ***?

By now, it’s clear that Madonna knows plenty. She’s been around the block, justified her love, shared her erotica and bared all for the world in the infamous “***” book.

So it’s difficult to argue there’s anyone more suited to cover UK Cosmpolitan’s May issue than the “Rebel Heart” herself, and that’s why she has not one but FOUR different covers!

The singer has reunited with famed fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth – who shot M’s 1993 Vogue Paris cover (fun fact!) – for the seductive shoot and one lucky tweeter got their hands on early copies.

The Material Girl strikes several alluring poses in her stockings, trusty pearls, some bunny ears and one of Britney’s old fedoras. Work it, Queen!

Tell us what you know about ***!