There’s another “Ghosttown” teaser and some footage from Madge’s Cosmo cover shoot.madonna-ghosttown-trailer-cosmo-breatheheavy

Madonna has the good sense not to release the second clip of the “Ghosttown” visual through TIDAL.

Madonna is going to make “Ghosttown” happen whether you like it or not, presumably without the assistance of Snapchat this time. She’s already shown us a brief glimpse of what’s to come, confirmed that the video will drop this week and now given us another 15 second snippet of the post-apocalyptic, dystopian MV.

The video is shaping up extremely well. Although with all things Madonna it’s best not to count our chickens before they’ve hatched, it seems like it’ll the latest in her line of increasingly iconic visuals. Featuring footage of nuclear warfare on an antiquated television set, it seems like Madge will be interpreting the premise of “Ghosttown” very literally and that’s certainly not a bad thing. “Ghosttown” is one of the ‘Rebel Heart’ tracks with the most story so it lends itself well to a plot driven clip.

In other Madonna news, the Material Girl has stripped off for Cosmopolitan’s May edition and the magazine have uploaded some behind-the-scenes footage of the whole affair.

It’s a pretty racy shoot (what were you expecting?) which features Madonna getting whipped and smoking a cigar, but M looks pretty damn fine whilst doing it. The cover feature won’t do anything to silence those who are still belligerently insisting that Madge put on a pair of Mom jeans and purchase a Volvo rather than daring to be a woman over 50 in touch with her sexuality. All things considered, if you look half as good as Madonna with your clothes off I suppose I invite your criticism, but since that’s unlikely let’s all just accept the “Living For Love” star’s wanton ways and move on, shall we?

The “Ghosttown” video is set to drop this week and her issue of Cosmo hits stands on April 14.

What do you think of the various Madonna clips from today?