Madonna celebrates the real start of ‘Rebel Heart’ promo with her most entertaining interview in years.

Queen of Pop Madonna has always been a terrifying cross between an interviewer’s worst nightmare and *********. Explicit, abrasive, no-nonsense and wickedly funny, there’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned Madge sit down, and (much like her new music) her meeting with Richard Wilkins, from the Australian breakfast television show Today, was her best effort since the ’90s.

Check out the first instalment of their courtship below:

Madonna lays down the law right out of the gate, “This is not going to be your average interview, ‘kay? We’re going to play a drinking game. You are familiar with drinking, right?”

Well, it transpires that poor Richard and his peers have to drink a shot of Tequilla every time they ask a stupid question and the notoriously hard to please Material Girl drinks when she’s asked a question that blows her mind. “I’m not very drunk, but everyone who walks out of here is,” the “Like a Virgin” star muses. We can only imagine.

Madonna’s surprisingly open in this five minute excerpt from the interview which will be airing over the coming month before ‘Rebel Heart’ drops. She talks everything from Taylor Swift (“I think she writes really catchy pop songs”) to her family (“when [daughter Lourdes] left home to go to college, I was a mess”) and of course, those now infamous leaks (“I can’t begin to tell you how betrayed I felt”.) She also proves that she has a brilliant sense of humour and fantastic comedic timing (‘Swept Away’ notwithstanding) pouring Wilkins a shot for asking the age old question about her reinvention. Really though, it’s her honesty (I could make love to her voice) that’s so arresting and intriguing about this interview – but then, Madonna + honesty, that’s hardly anything new, is it?

It’s refreshing to see Madonna so relaxed, especially after some pretty painful to watch interviews during the ‘MDNA’ era. Can I speak frankly? Are we all in agreement that we’re just going to pretend ‘MDNA’ didn’t happen? Between the lingering after effects of Reductive-gate 2012 and the rushed nature of the project (thanks ‘W.E.’) it feels nicer to act as if it was all a bad dream. (If we could follow suit with ‘Britney Jean’ that’d be fantastic too…)

Hopefully we’ll got some more Madge-realness over the next several instalments of Australia’s Today interview, but until then, wile the hours away with M’s most iconic and most shocking interview – yes, I’m talking about David Letterman and yes, I’m talking about those *******:

Never forget.

What do you think of Madonna’s first televised interview of this era?