UPDATE: Check out new photos from Madonna’s spread (pun intended) in LOVE magazine.

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Wise words from Madonna.

Madonna takes a page from Miley Cyrus’ thumb-sucking book by posing for a fetal photo for the cover of Love magazine. In it, the Queen of Pop opens up about how she defines herself, the burden of fame (or lack thereof) and why she loves Instagram.

On self awareness: “Acceptance by the establishment equals death” she says: “I don’t consider myself a pop act, I consider myself an artist. And it’s an artist’s responsibility to be revolutionary in our work. It’s our responsibility, our duty and our privilege.”

On the burden of fame: “I was already famous before social media, so for me fame isn’t the burden. Fame is the manifestation or the by-product of my work, and that was two decades before social media. Now to me the burden is people are more focused on fame than actually doing the work or being an artist. Now it’s easy to become famous. What isn’t easy is to develop and grow as an artist without being distracted or consumed with fame.”

On Instagram: “I like Instagram because it’s like keeping a diary and every day I get to share different aspects of my personality, my life, and what inspires me, what infuriates me, or what causes I want to fight for. It allows me to be mysterious, ironic, provocative or proud. I get to use it as a platform to bring attention to people or issues that I think are important. It allows me to be the curator of my life.”

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