Madonna Smashes iPod After Music Leaks

December 4, 2014 By Jordan Miller

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Madonna is M-A-D-N-A.

Last Friday, two Madonna songs leaked onto the Internet in whole: “Rebel Hearts” and “Wash All Over Me.” Both Avicii-produced songs resonated amongst her millions of fans seeing as she hasn’t released music in over three years.

That’s cool and all, but it’s infuriated the Queen. She smashed an iPod in a rage, symbolizing her disgust for music leaks and apparently Steve Jobs.

She said:

“This broken ipod is a symbol of my broken heart! That my music has been stolen and leaked! I have been violated as a human and an artist! #fuckedupshitFollowing”

Part of me feels that’s a tad dramatic and theatrical, part of me remembers “Oh, it’s Madonna. That makes sense.” Part of me feels like wake up homegirl it’s 2014 and music leaks are inevitable. Part of me feels like Beyonce did it though and part of me feels like YAY NEW MADONNA MUSIC!