Move over “Ghosttown,” there’s a new ***** coming through.

Madonna Rehearsing "***** I'm Madonna"

Did you really think Madonna would let us enjoy her visually stunning music video for “Ghosttown” longer than 24 hours?

The “Rebel Heart” singer decided to kill the grunge pop mood she put us in with her Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip by shoving “***** I’m Madonna” in our face. Behind-the-scenes footage of Madonna and accompanying dancers rehearsing the apparent third single for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon surfaced today, leading us to believe she’s already planning her next “Rebel Heart” single.

@madonna rehearsing #BitchImMadonna for tonight's Jimmy Fallon!

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Are we surprised she chose the Diplo-produced jammer “***** I’m Madonna” to perform? Unfortunately no. The song is radio friendly with a catchy chorus and uses the ever-trendy word “*****” in the title, why shouldn’t it receive special attention? Because there are worthy songs like “Hold Tight” and “Iconic” that should get the single treatment. Instead, they’re pushed further down the timeline into the pile of woulda coulda shouldas.

“Rebel Heart” is Madonna’s era to push the boundaries musically, and I’m sorry to say “***** I’m Madonna” doesn’t do that. And if she puts its impending music video exclusively on TIDAL, she has the perfect response for haters.

What do YOU think? Is “***** I’m Madonna” a good choice?