Madonna might or might not be joking that she wants to release album.

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Perhaps the Queen of Pop has her sights set on another genre.

Madonna is currently hard at work on a new studio album. A previous report claimed she plans on combining Portuguese and African rhythms with pop, however if we take a look at Madonna’s comment replying to a fan on Instagram at face value, maybe she’s changed her mind and wants to drop a rap record instead. Kinda here for it.

“I want Madonna to release a full on rap album called Grillz and the lead single to be called Derma Roller featuring Quavo, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B just to annoy the demanding fans!!!!,” a fan wrote.

Madonna responded saying “lol same.” A kii!

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Obviously Madonna is just fed up with fans (and BreatheHeavy) demanding new tunes, but it’s not that far-fetched.

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For starters, Madge says she’s extremely bored with the current music scene. Maybe she wants to shake things up!

Second, she was recently featured on Quavo’s track “CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ” with Cardi B. Inspired?

We also know Madonna has something in the works with Nicki Minaj.

Obviously, a rap album from Madonna would be… a choice… but there’s no denying she loves to break the mold!

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