Both of which are more engaging than the original cut of the second ‘Rebel Heart’ single.


Madonna is attempting to shift a few more copies of her latest single with a couple of remixes that are probably closer to total reinventions.

Madge isn’t letting the lack of commercial interest in her newest singular offering (or indeed the entire ‘Rebel Heart’ campaign) get her down, debuting two new versions of “Ghosttown” in attempt reignite popular interest in her album. Of course she’s released the mixes exclusively to TIDAL, so roughly seven people will actually get to hear them.

Both remixes have far more jazz tones than the original Billboard production but Paul Andrew’s Reconstruction Mix is dramatically more successful than its sister release, RedTop’s If I Were A Carpenter Remix.

Andrew’s attempt pairs some classical instrumentation with a more Garage/House inspired beat to surprisingly listenable affect. The slow burn effect sits well with Madonna’s haunting vocals and the post-apocalyptic lyrics and breathes some much needed life into the track which, despite ageing better than our original review might have suggested, is beginning to feel a little stale.

The salsa inspired remix from RedTop may not feel as significant or contemporary as Paul Andrew’s effort but it’s equally entertaining. Okay, yes, it sounds a little like elevator music, but it made me do my best samba moves around my living room which is certainly more than can be said for the track’s original incarnation.

As enjoyable as they are, it’s extraordinarily unlikely that either remix will be enough to salvage any enthusiasm for “Ghosttown”. Nonetheless, they’re a nice gift for those Madonna stans delusional enough to purchase a TIDAL membership and anyone with access to YouTube.

What do you think of Madge’s new remixes?