Madonna and Anitta’s supposed collaboration might never see the light of day.

Madonna is reportedly infusing Portuguese and African rhythms with pop on her new album. If she can pull it off, Madonna will solidify her reigning supreme pop queen status for life (she gets it anyway).

A report on fansite Drowned Madonna claimed Sony artist Dino D’Santiago is working on the record and is the man responsible for revealing such valuable information.

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They also claim D’Santiago says Madonna is very aware she needs to create the trend and “use Portuguese rhythms” instead of a typical Drake beat.

Where are the lies? This also makes sense considering what Madonna recently revealed about the current “formulaic” pop music landscape. “Everyone sounds the same,” she said.

Madge’s Portuguese rhythm could include a collaboration with Brazilian pop princess, Anitta. The singer revealed Madonna hit her up to collaborate on one of her new tunes.

Throwing gasoline on the fire, Madonna posed for a photo with Anitta inside the recording studio (see below).

It’s worth mentioning Brazilian stans are spamming Madonna’s Instagram account urging her to scrap the alleged collab. Anitta performed with Brazilian singer Nego do Borel after he made a transphobic comment against a trans woman named Luisa Marilac. Fans are urging Madonna, a champion in the LGBTQ community, to cut ties with Anitta.

There’s also buzz Madonna has a collab with Maluma in the works on a song titled “Medellín” (the city where Maluma was born). Read more about that here.

What else do you need to know? She’s reportedly planning a project with Netflix, and is aiming to drop the new record in 2019.

Oh, and it definitely will NOT include Cher.

Afroguese Pop with Anitta and Maluma here we come!

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