madonna living for love ghosttown

Get ready to have a (rebel) heart attack, Madonna’s back on stage.

Fresh from announcing her very exciting (albeit very expensive) ‘Rebel Heart Tour’, Madonna has taken the stage to remind us why we should shell out the money to see her in concert later this year. Appearing on French talk show, Le Grand Journal, the superstar performed current single, “Living for Love”, and its rumoured follow-up, “Ghosttown”.

Check out the material girl’s performances below – spoiler alert: she remains firmly on her feet throughout.

Madonna – Living for love – Le live du 02/03

After keeping the choreography fairly consistent between the BRITs and the Grammys, Madonna’s changed up the staging of “Living for Love”. Despite their role in #FallenMadonna, the minotaurs have been allowed to stay but rather than the circular stage from the music video, M’s gone for something a little more outside the box this time. Featuring eastern influence, a grand piano and some voguing for old time’s sake, the audience were treated to one of the many, many official remixes of the track.

Unfortunately rather than going for the Dirty Pop remix or Mike Rizzo’s superb reimagining of the song, the reigning Queen of Pop favoured a far more average version of the track which probably stopped this performance from being a total home-run. Although her vocals were certainly not the strongest we’ve heard them so far this era, she sounded fine and the choreography was predictably outstanding.

Madonna – Ghosttown – Le live du 02/03

Theoretically more exciting, however, was her debut performance of rumoured new single “Ghosttown”. Favoring a simpler presentation, Madge let the song speak for itself, with no real choreographed movement. Whilst it was by no means a disaster (and the middle-8 sounded pretty good) there’s no denying that with a performance this stripped back we’d probably expect better vocals than Madonna offered here.

All in all, however, despite the… let’s call them ‘shaky’ moments (you’d be hard-pressed to argue that the entire thing was in tune) the song is still solid and the performance was oddly compelling. It’s to her testament that even when you strip away all the production and dance, and even when she sounds far from perfect, Madonna’s still one of the most watchable performers out there.

In related news, it seems almost certain that “Ghosttown” will be getting the single treatment next. The song’s a fine choice for the second cut from ‘Rebel Heart’, although with the mediocre chart performance of “Living for Love” you have to wonder if Madonna would have been better served making a bolder statement with her follow up track – perhaps with the haunting “Devil Pray,” Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson featuring “Iconic” or endlessly self-referential “Veni Vidi Vici”.

Either way, the pop Queen will undoubtedly score herself another sold-out record-breaking tour so maybe she doesn’t care too much one way or another.

What do you think? How did her performances on Le Grand Journal measure up? Is “Ghosttown” your pick for the next ‘Rebel Heart’ single?