Madonna Performs "Ghosttown" On Ellen

Another day, another Madonna performance.

Madge hit the Ellen stage for the third time today, performing current ‘Rebel Heart’ single, “Ghosttown”. She’s done this one a fair few times now, showing it off around Europe on her promotional tour, and much like Madonna herself, it’s getting better with age.

Watch the performance below:

Vocals? On point. Band? Superb. Leather dress? Check. Gloves? Naturally. Strange lace finger things? Yep.

The “Ghosttown” performances improve every time M takes the stage and it’s a song which works well live. Madonna also confirmed that she’s filming the video in the very near future and that it’ll co-star ‘Empire’ chart nemesis Terrence Howard.

Speculation is running rampant as to what Madonna will perform tomorrow, with rumors circling that she’ll be serving up a classic track, or even a medley of old hits. You should probably take that with a pinch of salt though, Madonna’s smart and she knows she needs to keep plugging ‘Rebel Heart’, which has landed at #1 in 11 countries so far. She’ll most likely dust off the outstanding “Devil Pray” following a performance in Europe last month, but a debut performance of “Rebel Heart” or “Iconic” would be a great way to end the week.

On the off chance we are getting vintage Madonna? I’ll take one order of “Like a Prayer”, please.

What song would you like to see Madge close her Ellen residency with?