A lot recently went down at Madonna’s NYC Rebel Heart shows.

Madonna Debuts "Ghosttown" Performance At Rebel Heart Tour

She claimed it was not rehearsed, but Madonna was on-point during her “Ghosttown” performance.

The Queen of pop slowed things down at her Sep. 19 performance of the Rebel Heart tour in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

After taking a sip of water, Madonna told the crowd before singing “Ghosttown” for the first time this tour, “here’s the deal: I haven’t actually rehearsed this with my band. That is the truth. So, if I make mistakes, will you forgive me? And help me along… in my virgin ways.”

The crowd erupted int applause when they realized what Madonna had just begun singing. Watch here:

More importantly(?), Madonna pulled Anderson Cooper on stage during “Unapologetic *****” to spank and dry-hump him before handing him a banana going away present.

And just because we felt you needed to know… Amy Schumer, who opened the show, was also invited on stage and comically humiliated late last week.