Madonna Performs “Dress You Up” For The Last Day of Ellen’s Madonna Week

March 20, 2015 By Aaron

Madonna Duets "Dress You Up" with Ellen

In a bathrobe. With Ellen. Because of course.

Madonna wrapped up her week-long residency on The Ellen Show with an interesting rendition of her classic 1985 hit, “Dress You Up” as part of Ellen’s long-forgotten Bathroom Sessions.

See all the magic unfurl below:

The whole thing was very cute, and you know what, good for Madonna for using the Rebel Heart promotional tour as an opportunity to prove to the world that she actually does have a sense of humor. Was it the show stopping end to the week which would succinctly remind people to go out and buy ‘Rebel Heart’ so it doesn’t drop out of the top 20 next week as is predicted? Um, no. But there were comically large sunglasses! So, yeah. That’s a thing that happened.

It would seem that between her week of fun on Ellen, her in-depth chat with Howard Stern and her revealing stop at the UK’s Jonathan Ross Show, Madge has managed to promote her personality a touch more than her record this time around. Which actually might not be the worst thing in the world.

Madonna has a reputation for being icy and distant, so hopefully as the public start to perceive her in a slightly different way, they’ll regain interest in her career as well.

Of course, having said all this, we’re overlooking the fact that, considering the disastrous leaks that occurred at the end of last year, ‘Rebel Heart’ has actually been a runaway success for Madonna. Hitting #1 in 11 countries and counting, the LP is expected to move more copies worldwide in its first month of sales than MDNA managed, which is a reassuring sign. Similarly, the Rebel Heart Tour is already selling out, with new dates being added left, right and centre.

Rumor has it Madonna will be appearing on David Letterman in the next two weeks, so hopefully we’ll see some more of her promotional a-game then.

Which Madonna Week performance was YOUR favorite?