Madonna Opens Up About "Rebel Heart," Meanwhile Another Demo Leaks

Madonna can’t quite cap the leaks.

The Queen of pop made her new album, “Rebel Heart,” available for pre-order on iTunes and gave away six of the songs as “an early Christmas present,” but it hasn’t stopped other demos from creeping out of the shadows.

A list of songs “confirmed” for “Rebel Heart” includes one titled “Inside Out.”

That has now leaked.

Madonna tells Billboard the premature debut of her album forced her and her team to re-think their promotion strategy:

Well, it’s thrown us all into overdrive. We’re having to think outside the box. Think on our feet. I didn’t plan to put my record out this way. I wanted to… plan everything in advance. Release the single, shoot a video, start talking about my record. And you know, prepare for the release of the entire album and have everything set up just so. I mean, that’s the kind of person I am. I think that’s the best way to do it. But we sort of were left with no choice.

Originally I wanted to put everything out together. I have an overabundance of songs, and actually, the reason I wanted to call the record Rebel Heart was because I felt like it explored two very distinct sides of my personality. The rebellious, renegade side of me, and the romantic side of me. In my mind, it was almost like I wanted to do a two-record set. So you get this chunk of songs, and that chunk of songs. That was my original goal. But then all the demos leaked and I can’t really go down that road anymore, so I put out (the six songs) first and then, I think a few more songs are going to come out during the time of the Grammys. Then the rest of the album will just come out together (in March), and they’ll just get my rebellious and romantic side all mixed in together.

It appears her re-thought strategy worked! “Rebel Heart” is #1 in 41 countries – she also has 38 #1 songs globally.

She tells Rolling Stone her fans are “extremely [loyal] and I’m really super grateful for that.”

Madonna aims for a slow, trancey vibe in the latest leak. Once again, she’s crafted a beautifully mid-tempo, original jam that sounds like nothing she’s done before – better yet – sounds like nothing out there.

“Every scar that you try to hide. All the dark corners of your mind. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Let me love you from the inside out.”

Listen to Madonna’s latest “Rebel Heart” demo leak called “Inside Out:”

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