Madonna On “Rebel Heart” Leak: Unspeakably Embarassing

March 9, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Madonna On "Rebel Heart" Leak: Unspeakably Embarassing

Madonna talked with Carson Daly, took a shot of tequila, then talked some more.

Madonna appeared on the Today Show this morning to chat about the “Rebel Heart” heartache, the organic outlook making the record and her daughter Lourdes in college.

The “Autotune Baby” singer says she felt a knot in her stomach regarding the entire “Rebel Heart” leak and release.

“I mean, it’s a process. Music is really personal to me. A lot of the stuff is out there that I had no intention of ever finishing. They’re, like, scribbles on a pad. You know what I mean? It’s unspeakably embarrassing.”

Madonna handled the unfathomable “artistic ****” like a champ, releasing the record and performing the album’s chosen singles like nothing horrific happened previously.

“In terms of sounds, honestly the way that I approached this record was first to write great songs. I wanted to be able to write songs that… if all the electricity went out I could still sit and strum a guitar and sing the song.”

Check out the full interview below:

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“Rebel Heart” officially drops Tuesday, March 10 (check out BreatheHeavy’s review here).

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